About Foxglove

To cut to the chase: flowers are awesome. We are fairly confident that everyone knows that. However, we are fully committed to the belief that when combined with art, flowers are transformative to body and spirit. What Foxglove brings to Utah is a shop where both of these elements are united into a unique and beautiful experience. We strive to provide completely unique designs and customization for every customer.

Foxglove is a full service flower and gift shop located in historic downtown Provo, Utah. We currently deliver to ALL of Utah County. As it is with our floral designs, we treat our store front with a commitment to beauty and uniqueness. You are certain to find something here you’ll love. The shop is filled to the brim with all manner of fun gifts, plants, and candles.

Courtney & Ryan

Once, Courtney accurately said, “Ryan is the yin to my yang.” Their many differences, along with their shared love of creativity and art, combine into a complimentary whole that contributes to the life of Foxglove. The two fell in love while attending college together and have cherished all of their shared adventures ever since. After working in many floral markets and witnessing the wonderful variety that other cities offer in floral design, they decided to combine their experiences into what is now Foxglove Flowers & Gifts. Ryan and Courtney are thrilled to bring exquisite floral designs and unique gifts to the great state of Utah.


Many are unaware of the 10th muse: the muse of floral design. It's legitamite. Trust us. Don't google it. Come to Foxglove and you'll be able to witness her in action.

Julia came to Foxglove at a time when we needed THE florist. Julia is exactly that. She is a powerhouse of creativity...constantly generating designs and art that never cease to amaze. On top of that, she is an unflinchingly loyal friend and tenacious worker. In short, she is a world class talent that we are blessed to work with and call a friend.


When trying to find a picture for Katie on the website, her first choice was one of her holding a monkey. Her second choice was a picture of her running a 10k in the snow. We believe those pictures alone can give you a pretty good idea of Katie's personality.

There are some people in the world that can only be described as "magnetic". That is Katie. Her love of life, adventure, and others is contageous. Whenever we are stressed about going into the shop, that stress immediately evaporates if we happen to notice that we are going in during Katie's shift. But, if that's not enough, to top it off, her artistic arrangements are a thing to behold.


So we are pretty sure this is God's recipe when making Miriam: 1 part laughs, 2 parts artistic skill, 3 parts kindness, with a dash of nerd (that last part is a compliment). Mix together thoroughly with the stem of a peony and add salsa.

Miriam has an extensive background in floral design in Utah County. Specializing in events and weddings, Miriam has been a wonderful asset to the Foxglove team. Her work has been featured on popular bridal blogs such as Style Me Pretty and featured in numerous magazines. What we are trying to say is...Miriam is incredible.